Decentralized Donations System

TO HELP is a decentralized ecosystem based on the P2P platform. We aim to realize people's dreams and to rescue the essence that we all have, that is to help others. Our system is a reliable and stable platform where members of our community can donate, and receive donations quickly, either with cryptcoins or using the fiat coins available in their countries. We are in more than 20 countries around the world. And we are expanding more and more. Our community is based on trust, with a decentralized system of smart donations, where everyone will benefit by getting help from each other.


Our Great Features

Instant Payment
Stable System
12 levels of indications
P2P - Peer To Peer
Acting Worldwide

Water is the most precious possession of the planet and human beings.

Currently 663 million people are still without clean water. The To Help Foundation was created to change these people's lives.


TO HELP make available all

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Access our system on your tablet or smartphone. Install the app to access your virtual office on Android or iOS devices.


Professional pictures and videos for disseminating WhatsApp status.


Professional introduction videos for creating content on youtube.

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Countries aided by To Help Foundation
Liters of drinking water
Perforated wells
People saved


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Frequently Questions

After I offer help, how long should I pay?
You will have 72 hours to complete your help.
If I do not pay the order, what happens to my account?
Your account will be locked for 7 days, and you can only redeem it after this period.
I have completed my donation! After how long will the incomes start?
When the person who has received confirmation of receipt, your income will start.
When will I receive my income?
After the desired calendar finishes, the help request button will turn green, just click and you're done! The proceeds will be left in the balance available for aid.
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